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Elegy For A Dead World

Elegy For A Dead World

A Game About Writing Fiction.

Isentropic embarks on a literary journey through the stunning, illustrated levels of Elegy For A Dead World.

By Isentropic on Dec 19 2014

Mind: Path to Thalamus

Path to Thalamus

Game Review.

Proving that video games can be art, Isentropic takes us through the artful world of Mind: Path to Thalamus.

By Isentropic on Aug 12 2014

War of the Vikings

War of the Vikings

Game Review.

Isentropic reviews the close quarter combat game 'War of the Vikings', the follow up to 'War of the Roses' by Paradox Interactive and Fatshark.

By Isentropic on May 16 2014