Ethics Statement

The GLITCH team, its staff and freelance contractors abide by the following statement of ethics devised by Haywire Studios.

The opinions expressed on the GLITCH website, its articles and video content do not reflect those of GLITCH's parent company Haywire Studios or its staff. GLITCH is a seperate entity and is in no way influenced by Haywire Studios or sister companies.

GLITCH does not sell third party products that we review, feature or endorse on the website, articles or video content. We produce our own merchadise range, including but not limited to apparel, posters and stickers. If we ever produce merchandise in partnership with a third party, GLITCH will make this fact known publicly through the website.

The GLITCH website, articles and video content display third party advertising through Google Adsense. We also accept sponsorship from third parties who wish to advertise on the website or get mentioned in our video content. GLITCH will always inform our viewers of paid sponsorship. We do not accept money to promote an advertisers product nor do we provide comment or opinion on advertisements.

Occasionally we may be provided with review samples of products or games, we will make this clear in any article or video created about the product. We do not accept review samples on any preconditions, such as formally endorsing the product or featuring it with misleading facts. We do not accept fees to review sample products or games from their owners.

We do not accept products from third parties as gifts, especially if asked to review or feature said product. From time to time, GLITCH may be provided with third party merchandise which we will subsequently give away to our audience at events or through online give aways. We will never accept third party merchandise in exchange for promoting said third party or through a competition, whether that be online or at an event.

Occasionally, GLITCH will run competitions and giveaways online or at public events. All rules and terms will be made publicly available which in turn will be binding on contestants who participate. Giveaways should never be considered an endorsement of the third party by GLITCH. The GLITCH team, its staff and freelance contractors are ineligible to participate in any competition or giveaway run by GLITCH or an associated third party.

[This ethics statement may not always cover every circumstance and is subject to change. If you believe we have infringed on our ethics statement in some way, please contact us directly before accusing GLITCH publicly.]

[Updated: 16/03/2014]