Monster Movies Returning To The Big Screen!

Universal bucking the superhero trend.

Monster Movies Returning To The Big Screen!

Universal bucking the superhero trend.

By Rod ONeill  @rodoneill

While most Hollywood studios are battling it out in the superhero genre, Universal Pictures has decided to return to their roots, breathing life back into their classic Monster Movies!

In July, the studio announced plans to create a cinematic universe around Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man and the Creature From the Black Lagoon.

Universal just acquired the rights to Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles” books, with hopes of creating a vampire series that will attract starved Twilight fans.

Recently signing a 10 year deal with Blumhouse Films, the horror producers behind the profitable Paranormal Activity, Sinister, Insidious and The Purge franchises, seems to suggest a desire for micro-budget horror movies with expectations of high returns.

Last year, Universal teamed up with Godzilla producers, Legendary Entertainment to co-finance the upcoming Jurassic World and Dracula Untold. Legendary have their own creature feature line-up that Universal will release, including As Above, So Below and King Kong reboot, Skull Island.

While Disney, Fox, Sony and Warner Bros. have release dates for their superhero franchises taking them into 2020, Universal were smart to get their hands on these properties. But the pressure is now on to build successful, lasting franchises, especially after their not-so-successful prior attempts with The Mummy and Van Helsing.

Co-president of production, Jeffrey Kirschenbaum says

We are committed to revitalizing these films to make them part of a powerhouse action-thriller franchise, and develop worlds for these characters to thrive in.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited to see monsters return to the big screen, let me know in the comments below!



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