Box Office Summary 17/08/14

Fake cops beat old guns

Box Office Summary 17/08/14

Fake cops beat old guns

By Terry King  @terryking_


Guardians of the Galaxy continued its chokehold on the local cinema landscape, taking in an impressive $4.3m in its second week ($15.1m total). The Hundred-Foot Journey served up $2.1m in its first official week after last weekends preview screenings ($3.03m total)

The Expendables 3 has been doing it tough globally and fared no better here with a soft $1.8m debut, to create immediate perspective, Scarlett Johansson actioner Lucy took in nearly an identical amount with $1.7m ($8.7m total) in its third week of release. 

Hercules rounds out the top five with a weak $0.3m ($7.8m total).

Around the World

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles held onto first place in the states this week with a surprisingly low second week drop of 56% with $28.5m ($191.5m worldwide). Despite poor reviews and middling word of mouth, Turtles looks like it's going to have legs. The Guardians of the Galaxy was right behind the Turtles with $25.1m in its third week out ($425m worldwide), GotG is on track to pass $600m worldwide at this stage. 

R-rated comedy Let's Be Cops opened to solid $17.8m ($31.4m worldwide). The Expendables 3 was largely ignored by audiences debuting to a tragic $15.8m ($40.3m worldwide), this figure probably has less to do with series fatigue and more to do with the softer PG-13 rating and the fact a clean copy of the film has been available online for over a month prior to release. Sly and his team never really had much of chance with so many variables working against them.

The Giver was the other new release this week and took fifth place with $12.3m, it's a fine start but I'm sure the Weinstein Company was hoping for high teens.  Considering the fan base around the book and the talent involved (Phillip Noyce directing and Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep starring) it very might have opened higher on a less competitive weekend.

Australian Box Office

1 Guardians of the Galaxy $4.3m
2 The Hundred-Foot Journey $2.1m
3 The Expendables 3 $1.8m
4 Lucy $1.7m
5 Hercules $0.3m

U.S Box Office

1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $28.5m
2 Guardians of the Galaxy $25.1m
3 Let's Be Cops $17.8m
4 The Expendables 3 $15.9m
5 The Giver $12.3m



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