Barely Legal Pawn

Parody, bitch!

Barely Legal Pawn

Parody, bitch!

By Glitch Staff  @GlitchAU

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are back, cooking up a hilarious parody of reality Pawn Shop TV shows, to bring attention to this year's Emmy Awards. The 'chemistry' between the pair is undeniable. With numerous references to their time on Breaking Bad and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfield, Veep) thrown in to the mix, delivers plenty of laughs. 

Fans should definitely stick around to the very end. Damn we miss these guys appearing on our televisions each week!

The 2014 Emmy's are coming up next week and is the last time Breaking Bad will be in the running. Breaking Bad is up for 6 awards this year, including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and Outstanding Drama Series.


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