Box Office Summary 10/08/14

Turtles, Raccoons and Helen Mirren.

Box Office Summary 10/08/14

Turtles, Raccoons and Helen Mirren.

By Terry King  @terryking_


Guardians of the Galaxy made its official debut this weekend with a very fine $6.5m, building on top of the $2.4m from preview screenings last weekend ($8.9m total). Scarlett Johansson actioner Lucy had a fine hold in its second week grabbing up $2.6m ($8.7m total). 

The rest of the field looks pretty dire, The Hundred-Foot Journey claimed third spot with $0.8m from preview screenings, Hercules slipped back into fourth with $0.6m ($7.1m total) in only its third week and rounding out the top five is And So It Goes with a $0.5m debut.

Around the World

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made its stateside debut this weekend with a respectable $65.5m ($94.2m worldwide). It's probably just shy of the $70m mark Paramount we're hoping for, but it seems to have impressed enough players there, as the sequel was announced only three days after its opening. The Guardians of the Galaxy continued to be a huge draw with $42.1m in its second weekend ($313m worldwide), GotG opening weekend and subsequent weekend are actually pretty much on par with Captain America: The Winter Soldiers figures. Which while coming from the Marvel wheelhouse also had the benefit of a previous standalone and Avengers tie in to boost it, GotG is a wholly new property that was thought to be relatively unmarketable. The results speak to just how popular a brand Marvel now has to play with. 

New Line Cinemas Into the Storm, predictably opened soft with $17.3m ($25m worldwide). It's unlikely Into the Storm will break the $50m mark in the U.S, so it'll be up to the foreign markets to help this one limp into the black after such a big marketing push. But coming off of a $50m budget it might be ok in the long run.

The Hundred-Foot Journey opened in fourth to $10.9m which isn't a bad start, good word of mouth might make it a long term player for the older audiences. Lucy rounds out the top five in the U.S with a solid $9.5m in its third week ($128m worldwide) 

Australian Box Office

1 Guardians of the Galaxy $6.5m
2 Lucy $2.4m
3 The Hundred-Foot Journey $0.8m
4 Hercules $0.6m
5 And So It Goes $0.5m

U.S Box Office

1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $65.5m
2 Guardians of the Galaxy $42.1m
3 Into the Storm $17.3m
4 The Hundred-Foot Journey $10.9m
5 Lucy $9.5m



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