Glitch is an independent pop culture and entertainment news website and YouTube channel. We predominately cover and review film, television and video games. From time to time we'll produce original content and programs in-house like sketches, parodies and talk shows.

Our team also intends on covering Australian pop culture events (like Supanova and OZ Comic Con) and celebrity/creator interviews.

We started out in January 2014 and are continually growing our team, contributors and reach. We only want to present content that we think is awesome and noteworthy.

If you enjoy what we do and would like to help us out in someway, feel free to get in touch by emailing us at contact [at] glitchnews.com, or you can like, follow, share and subscribe!


Producer, Co-founder/Host
Rod ONeill

Director, Co-founder/Host
Terry King

Ryan Francis

George Pejovic

Lance Dean

Game Reviewer, Gameplay Editor
Brett Henstridge

Game Reviewer, Gameplay Editor