Elegy For A Dead World

A Game About Writing Fiction.

Elegy For A Dead World

A Game About Writing Fiction.

By Isentropic  @1sentropic

Isentropic embarks on a literary journey through the stunning, illustrated levels of Elegy For A Dead World. Thanks for watching our reviews guys, if you liked this video, please subscribe to Glitch — http://bit.ly/1cwjFRS.

G'Day Glitchonauts, I am Isentropic and today we explore the landscapes of a lost planet, with just our thoughts to guide us, in Elegy for a Dead World.

Designed by Popcannibal and Dejobann Games, Elegy for a Dead World is a game cross creative writing tool. Dejobann, is a Boston based indie game studio, which has been pumping out a steady flow of indie gold for the last 15 years. 

Elegy kicks off with no introduction or back story, and instead leaves the player to commence their exploration. Controls are simple, and inconsequential to game. Players move their astronaut to portals and through levels while either completing grammar exercises or recording their thoughts as a story. Before each level player is able to select the amount of prompting they wish to receive for this area, with options ranging from, small prompts with blanks, to grammar exercises to unbridled free writing.

I started off my first area slowly, letting the sounds and visuals wash over me and found by the end of the level that I was pumping out the story at an amazing rate. The final story of your journey is then compiled and published for others to read, and I had a good time reading through the stories of gamers.  Be warned, this is the extent of the gameplay in Elegy, and players expecting any more than this will be disappointed, so make sure you think before you buy.

The visuals of Elegy have a beautiful painting style, and are perfectly put together. I never  felt like there were too many points of interest in each level, which allows for more creative writing while pushing the player to keep things brief. The music and sound effects of this title are minimalist, but where they are used, really help to inspire.

I didn't know exactly what to expect coming into this title, but was quietly surprised. I found the levels to be amazing visually and a pleasure to explore and write about. This game is perfect for any budding creative writers, and has a great future as an educational tool. My only criticism is that this is not quite a game, and relies heavily on the player to fuel the experience. I still had a great time narrating my journey in Elegy for a Dead World and give it 7 out of 10.

For more, check out the official website for Elegy For A Dead World — http://www.dejobaan.com/elegy/

Elegy For A Dead World is now available on PC, Mac, Linux. Download now from Steam — http://store.steampowered.com/app/252290/


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