Call Of Duty:
Advanced Warfare

Game Review.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Game Review.

By Brett Henstridge  @BrettHenstridge

Brett takes aim at the newest addition to the Call Of Duty franchise, ADVANCED WARFARE. Thanks for watching folks, please Like and Subscribe to Glitch for more game reviews —

Another year another Call Of Duty, this time around the popular long running franchise has been put in the creative hands of developer Sledgehammer Games.

In Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare we have some great graphics and jaw dropping motion capture covering a game that continues the steady decline in quality of the Call Of Duty storytelling during gameplay as well as the gameplay itself.

Advanced Warfare is another near future outing from Activision that puts you into the role of Jack Mitchell, a private in the United States Marine Corp.

After a little mishap he finds himself discharged from the Marine Corps and instead working for the private military organisation ATLAS who’s headed up by CEO Jonathan Irons, played by Kevin Spacey.

The story while entertaining enough, unless you’re a new comer to the first person military shooter, is as predictable as they come.

It follows the same formula as many other Call Of Duty games and very rarely strays from it.

Even some of the characters feel like rehashed versions of previous Call Of Duty characters.

The storytelling during gameplay is pretty much made up of shooting enemy, maybe have a quick-time event, continue shooting, chuck in a vehicle section and then explosions, explosions everywhere.

While I get that this is an action game that takes place in the near future, earlier titles also had a pretty good sense of realism where Advanced Warfare is more of an over exubrant collection of set pieces that do nothing to add to a players connection to the characters.

Your character would have to be one of the luckiest people in the world with the amount of times he cheats death that it becomes boarderline laughable.

While the gunplay, as you would expect, is up to the Call Of Duty standard the AI is something that I found myself raising an eyebrow to, as it seemed to be bit broken at times and only posed a real threat on the harder difficulties.

Not necessarily because the AI improved in anyway, but because the AI was masked by the fact that it takes less hits to actually kill you.

Also let’s not forget that you are rarely ever left on your own and your party members are pretty much invulnerable and do a pretty good job of taking out the enemy.

Advanced Warfare has some of the most amazing motion captured cut scenes that I have ever seen in a video game and with so much attention to detail and facial expressions, you would be forgiven for thinking you were watching an animated feature.

Of course Advanced Warfare's gameplay adds to that feeling, I have no doubt that this Call Of Duty game has given me the biggest feeling of being dragged along from point A to point B ever in the franchise.

The majority of the missions are made up of following someone and having them bark commands at you ad nauseam.

I'm fine with the fact that this game takes place in a world where there are very few car types that don't seem to care about explosions and bombs going off around them.

But too include it as some sort of gameplay that has no real sense of urgency or consequence makes it come off as something of an afterthought.

Much like hopping on what looks like a pretty nice hover bike only to at first have all control taken away from you and the second time have it once again be an instance where I can do nothing more than follow an npc like a good lapdog.

Even levels that give you a little bit of freedom, while standouts are nothing more than a tease of what the developers were maybe trying to do yet they themselves maybe couldn’t explore further due to the formula of a Call Of Duty title.

The grappling stealth level is an example of this that is probably one of the most half-hearted attempts at stealth I’ve ever encountered, yet is one of the levels in Advanced Warfare where I actually stood up and took notice.

How the enemy couldn’t see me zip line about a metre away from them is anyone’s guess.

Linear doesn’t even begin to describe the straight line corridor like level design which makes the addition of the exo-suit at times pointless.

The exo-suit itself is probably the biggest tease in the entire game. The idea behind it is definitely nothing new with crysis having done it much better. The suit itself becomes more of a gimmick, thats abilities can for the most part only be used when you’re told to use it.

Want to use the grappling hook to take down an enemy outside the designated stealth section? Nope that aint gonna happen unless a prompt pops up.

Things such as this happened so much playing through Advanced Warfare that you could end up playing it just like a straight shooter with a few more grenade choices.

While that’s perfectly okay I don’t see the point in giving me the awesome exo-suit that’s main use is nothing more than a double jump.

The exo-suits usage outside of prompts is rendered useless by taking away the freedom to use it.

With the single player clocking in at around 8 to ten hours including cutscences the game will most likely give you more excitement the multiplayer.

First let me say that I am in no way an expert in the world of cod multiplayer and have never professed to be and I will say that when I wasn’t pitted against players who were many levels higher than me I really did start enjoy my multiplayer experience.

While it was a bit of a stripped down version it made it easier for a multiplayer novice like myself to get into it and will more than likely go back to it in the future.

It’s also where I found myself using more of the exo-suits abilities, well more of the double jump anyway. The exo-suit might not bring cod up to anywhere near the pace of a game like titanfall it was fun to use the mini titan at times.

With an average single player experience that relies on a big name star to carry the story and gameplay which is nearly less engaging than a point and click adventure, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is another entry that is lowering the Call Of Duty single player to the level of battlefield proportions.

If there is ever a series that needs a breather and a bit of a rethink when it comes to single player, Call Of Duty is it.

Thankfully the multiplayer picks it up a bit, which these days seems to be the only real reason for picking up a Call Of Duty title.

Activision could probable release a Call Of Duty that is nothing more than multiplayer and it would still sell millions, but for me, I’m still someone who remembers being totally engrossed with the first player campaigns of the earlier Call Of Duty titles.

This game is another notch that shows that the focus is on being a competitive shooter with money spent on big name actors to drum up interest for a single player campaign instead the gameplay and having the developers breathe a bit more life into this worn out series.

I’m giving Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare a 5.5 out of 10.


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