Boo Bunny Plague

Game Review.

Boo Bunny Plague

Game Review.

By Isentropic  @1sentropic

G'Day Glitchbunnys, I am Isentropic, and today we follow the wacky adventures of a robot rabbit, as he smashes his way through various mythologies, in Boo Bunny Plague.

Boo Bunny Plague is an action adventure-musical developed and published by On The Level Game Studios. On the Level Games is a small indie developer, and with their previous title, The Curse of Nordic Cove, being defined as an action, sports, horror game you just know heading in that this game is going to be anything but normal.

Boo Bunny Plague follows the exploits of Bunny, a robotic toy rabbit that has been infected with an extremely unstable computer virus. With his friends Gunny the attack robot, Ganesha the street smart elephant, and Faye the diner waitress, daughter of Satan. Bunny sets out to raise money by completing contracts, in the hopes he can one day afford an auto-repair unit.

I actually really enjoyed the crazy storyline of Boo Bunny, and loved the ridiculous face-offs against some pretty famous gods of Viking mythology. I have to reinforce though, this game is a musical as well as an action adventure, and for the most part the songs littered throughout the game are very creative and funny, but occasionally out stay their welcome.

Gameplay and combat in Boo Bunny, is simple, with the player being able to slip straight into this game and get the hang of it quickly. This straight forward control systems seems like a blessing initially, but soon becomes the weak point of the game. With a one button combo system, a difficult to use block mechanic, clunky movement controls and a touchy camera, things get stale quickly but this is alleviated slightly through some fun boss fights.

Fighting against gods like Thor and Tyr are exciting, and the challenge in this combat is in trying to analyse the patterns and work out their weakness. I am torn about the control system in Boo Bunny Plague, on the one hand it is boring when implemented in each level, but when considered in the realm of boss fights it is still clunky but far more entertaining. I won't go into any more detail about the boss fights as they are the core of the game, but I will say there is one boss in particular that has a very clever design.

Graphically, Boo Bunny looks like an early cell shaded game from the PS2/Xbox era, though I am not sure whether this was done to make the game more feasible to create or as an art style choice. At any rate I think this dated-vintage look works for the game and apart from the odd clipping and collision detection issues I enjoyed the visuals on the whole.

Boo Bunny's music is a central point of the game, and I found myself having a good chuckle through many of the songs. There is the option to purchase the deluxe edition, including the soundtrack and a couple of other goodies, but the songs in my opinion are a listen once affair, and are more entertaining when heard in context.

Overall there are some good laughs and decent boss fights to be found in Boo Bunny Plague. The boring levels are for the most part forgivable, as the player knows they are working towards the next interesting boss fight or funny musical interlude. My main criticism is that the combat lacked depth and level enemies didn't vary enough. For the price Boo Bunny Plague is definitely worth a play through and has earned 6 out of 10 from me.

Available on PC, Mac and Linux


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