Fist Of Awesome

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Fist Of Awesome

Game Review

By Isentropic  @1sentropic

Isentropic punches some bears in the greatest time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up of all time.

G'day, Glitchians. I'm Isentropic, and today I finally live up to the expectations of my bearded forefathers, and punch some bears, right in the mouth!

Fist Of Awesome is a side scrolling, beat-em-up, forged in the memory of classics like Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. Developed and published by I Fight Bears, this game is designed specifically with the bearded in mind but can be played an enjoyed by anyone. I Fight Bears is a UK micro-studio lead by indie game designer Nicoll Hunt, one of the developers behind the iOS/Android game Hard Lines.

Fist Of Awesome was released earlier this year on iOS and Android, but has recently been ported to the PC and caught my attention during some gaming downtime. I was a huge fan of Streets of Rage and Battletoads growing up and have a fond spot in my heart for the original Police Quest, so this game had me in nostalgic bliss from the very start. From the moment you boot up Fist Of Awesome you are treated to the developers own special brand of jokes and puns, all delivered with 8-bit art style and sounds.

The story of Fist Of Awesome is a timeless tale about a lumberjack called Tim Burr, who must fight his way to the truth, and set right the timeline that has seen his home destroyed and his family taken from him. Tim is empowered with the mighty Fist Of Awesome, a talking hand that guides his travels through the damaged timelines searching for the cause of the temporal disturbance. Along his journey Tim must face off against super advanced bears, deer and buffalo who due to the timeline alterations have risen to be the dominant power on Earth.

Fist Of Awesome's story is silly, but that is what I fight Bears was aiming for, and each funny one liner, pop culture reference or throw back to old school gaming is so perfectly delivered that the player will have a great time and laugh right through to the end. The fist play through of the story will take the average gamer no more than an hour to complete but with this in mind I was not disappointed by the playtime, and instead finished the game feeling that I had a great bit of fun getting there.

Fist Of Awesome's controls will be instantly familiar to anyone who has spent some time playing side scrolling fighting games and are easy to get the hang of. The combat is basic in concept but as enemies become more resilient in the higher levels a degree of strategy is required to progress. Each time zone Tim progresses through culminates in a boss fight which is started off with some funny dialogue and are a decent challenge to the player.

Tim gains points and levels up throughout the stages depending on the combos the player can land, and is able to allocate one point to life, strength, speed or special per level. I had a great time with the general game play and leveling system, with the only let down being that enemy types were a bit too samey, and didn’t use their type specific attacks often enough.

The 8-bit art and music style of Fist Of Awesome is brilliant, and further enhances the comedy of the game. I found each level to be entertaining and beautiful in its own way, and enjoyed the well paced soundtrack throughout this crazy adventure. Fist Of Awesome also offers an arena mode which allows players to choose their hero and fight it out against groups of enemies and the clock, while trying to complete specific challenges. Arena mode lets players post high scores to compete with friends, but other than that Fist Of Awesome does not have any other multiplayer options. I think the option of allowing multiplayer on the one computer would have been a good addition to this game, but this is only a minor missed opportunity and did not have too much of an impact on the game.

Overall I had a great time with Fist Of Awesome. I laughed and tapped my foot through every level, and immediately started my second play through on a higher difficulty after finishing the game. This game has the perfect blend of great art and music style, humor and fluid game play, and one of the best credit theme songs of all time. Fist Of Awesome is priced perfectly and left me with a smile on my face and nostalgia in my heart. This is a great indie title and has earned 7.5 out of 10 from me.

Available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android & OUYA.


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