Box Office Summary 16/06/14

Dragons schooled by Jump Street

Box Office Summary 16/06/14

Dragons schooled by Jump Street

By Terry King  @terryking_


The Fault in Our Stars held the number one spot with a surprisingly low 36% drop, taking in $2.4m ($8.1m total), compared to the incredibly large 67% drop in attendance it saw in the U.S it's a strange result. It could be chalked up to nearly no new releases in Australia this week whereas the States had 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon 2 open.  

How to Train Your Dragon 2 still managed to take the second spot in Australia with $2.1m ($5.2m total) in advance screenings, Dragons 2 will likely continue to perform strong through the school holidays facing little competition. 

Edge of Tomorrow managed to just hold onto third with $1.7m ($6.2m total) in its second week. Maleficent also finished with $1.7m ($11.1m total) in its second week.  At time of writing there was less than $100 in ticket sales that divided attendance between Edge of Tomorrow and Maleficent nationally. 

Adam Sandler stinker Blended debuted with a thud to $1.3m, which is good enough for fifth position.

Around the World

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum action/comedy sequel, 22 Jump Street blew up the U.S box office with $60m in the US ($80m worldwide). This is the fourth film from directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller, all four have opened to No. 1 and this is their second film this year to open over $60m after mega hit The Lego Movie debuted to $69m and raked in over $460m worldwide.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 glided into the second spot with $50m ($76m worldwide), while it's an improvement on the first film, it is a slightly underwhelming open considering the universal praise and fandom surrounding the first film.  Solid reviews and good word of mouth could see it match the first films $217 domestic total, but an improvement in box office will have to come from the overseas sector. Given the the original only totaled $277m internationally in 2010, it's a pretty safe bet the sequel will crush that total.  

Maleficent came in third with a solid $19m ($436m worldwide), while strong word of mouth kept Edge of Tomorrow in contention with $16.2m ($237m worldwide), if the good will can hang on a little longer Edge might make it to $100m domestic and could close somewhere around the $350m worldwide mark.

The Fault in Our Stars crashed like a meteor, dropping from first to fifth with a staggering 67% drop in attendance.  Taking in only $15.7m in its second week ($120m worldwide), Stars was expected to be front loaded but a drop this heavy wasn't anticipated.  

Australian Box Office

1 The Fault in Our Stars $2.4m
2 How to Train Your Dragon 2 $2.1m
3 Edge of Tomorrow $1.7m
4 Maleficent  $1.7m
5 Blended $1.3m

U.S Box Office

1 22 Jump Street $60.0m
2 How to Train Your Dragon 2 $50.0m
3 Maleficent  $19.0m
4 Edge of Tomorrow $16.2m
5 The Fault in Our Stars $15.7m



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