Box Office Summary 01/06/14

A Million Ways to Die in the West is D.O.A.

Box Office Summary 01/06/14

A Million Ways to Die in the West is D.O.A.

By Terry King  @terryking_


X-Men: Days of Future Past held off new opener Maleficent for the top spot with $4.4m ($15m total) in its second week, Maleficent is Angelina Jolie's first lead role in nearly four years and opened to decent $4.0m. Solid word of mouth and the upcoming school holidays could provide much needed holdovers, with Edge of Tomorrow expected to underperform it's possible Maleficent moves up to No. 1 next week.

Seth Macfarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West opened in third with a meek $2.2m, to create some perspective, Bad Neighbours made $1m more in its second week after advance screenings. The western format has not been popular with moviegoers for nearly twenty years, couple that with Macfarlane's decision to play the lead role himself, poor reviews and the repetitious onslaught of the same trailers, and it seems audiences just weren't that interested in turning up for the crude comedy.  

Godzilla slowed right down with $1.2m ($12.6m total), the big lizard seems to be dropping heavier than expected and probably won't make it to a $20m total. Rounding out the Australian top 5 is Bad Neighbours with $1.1m ($16.2m total) in its fourth week of release.

Around the World

Maleficent powered into the number one spot in the U.S with $69.4m ($170m worldwide), it's a pretty good figure for the costly Disney reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty villain. It's in the same range as similar titles like Oz: The Great and Powerful and Alice in Wonderland, though it won't beat out Alice's billion dollar total, it should finish over $500m worldwide happily enough.

X-Men: Days of Future Past predictably dropped like a rock, taking in $32.5m ($500m worldwide) in its second week. While it probably won't finish up as the highest grossing X-Men film in its native U.S, it's very likely to be the most successful international performer.

A Million Ways to Die in the West slumped over and bled out quietly with an opening frame of $16.7m ($27m worldwide), considering the poor reviews and how front loaded R-rated comedies tend to be, it's likely this won't crack $100m worldwide. Godzilla sits in fourth with $12m ($375m worldwide), the rapid slowdown could see it having trouble making it $200m domestic, but it still has China and Japan to go yet and anything could happen there. Adam Sandler comedy, Blended rounds out the top five with $8.1m ($31m worldwide). 


Australian Box Office

1 X-Men: Days of Future Past $4.4m
2 Maleficent  $4.0m
3 A Million Ways to Die in the West $2.2m
4 Godzilla $1.2m
5 Bad Neighbours $1.1m

U.S Box Office

1 Maleficent  $69.4m
2 X-Men: Days of Future Past $32.5m
3 A Million Ways to Die in the West $16.7m
4 Godzilla $12.0m
5 Blended $8.1m



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