Trailer Roundup:
May Week 3

Catch up on the latest in movie trailers.

Trailer Roundup: May Week 3

Catch up on the latest in movie trailers.

By Terry King  @terryking_


Christopher Nolan's latest film, fresh from wrapping 'The Dark Knight' trilogy is Interstellar. We got a fairly uninformative teaser a few months ago that showed hints to the tone of the film, but gave up nothing narratively. From this trailer we see Matthew McConaughey lead a huge cast on what looks like a mission to save mankind by traveling into deep space for.... something. It's still a little unclear.

Initial Thoughts: I've never been disappointed by a Christopher Nolan film and see nothing here that would suggest he'll break that streak, it's a powerful looking piece but to be honest, I'm still not sure what the film is actually about.

Monsters: Dark Continent 

Monsters Dark Continent is a loose sequel to the 2010 film, 'Monsters'. The originals director, Gareth Edwards went on to make the new Godzilla opening in cinemas this weekend, I don't know much about this film other than pretty much what the trailer shows, monsters in the middle east. I think I get the idea the marketing team were going for with the weird spoken hillbilly rap, but we've already had a teaser that didn't say much and now we've got a trailer not saying much. Considering how obscure the original film is, it might be better to start playing it straight with the trailers to build up audience interest.

Initial Thoughts: I kind of get the vibe this will be what Aliens was to Alien, moving away from survival and into action territory. All in all it's a bigger monster conflict in a middle eastern war zone, I'm good with this but I want to see some of the story and characters quicksmart. 


Scarlett Johansson stars as the titular Lucy, in a film from director Luc Besson. It looks like a mix of 'The Long Kiss Goodnight', 'Akira' and 'Limitless', with a seemingly average Lucy drugged up with some wonder juice that lets her kick ass and get telekinetic powers... cool?      

Initial Thoughts: I like Scarlett Johansson, I like Luc Besson, this seems like it could either be a cool genre masher with some great action.... or a complete steaming turd. I'm hoping for the first one, fingers crossed.

The Hundred Foot Journey

Based on a book I haven't heard of, but aware enough to name drop Steven Spielberg and Oprah as producers is The Hundred Foot Journey. It stars Helen Mirren as the owner of a prestigious French restaurant who has to deal with an Indian family opening their own restaurant across the road.  

Initial Thoughts: It looks like a cute, feel good film I'd take my mum too and probably end up enjoying more than she would. Pending unanimous awful reviews, I'll probably check this out at some point.  


The teaser for Disney's live action adaptation of the classic Cinderella

Initial Thoughts: I hate these things, I'll save you the one minute and sixteen seconds I just wasted. It's a camera slowly spinning around and drawing out from a CG crystal shoe, wow. Then at the end it doesn't even say Cinderella, just '2015'. Given the huge amount of downvotes this has on YouTube, I'm guessing other people don't appreciate the effort either. Just do a poster next time.  

Leave a comment, let me know your opinions on these or any other trailers you've seen this week.



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