Our Favourite Things Of The Week

From Dusk Till Dawn, Game of Hearthstones, Constantine and Real Wolverine Claws!

Our Favourite Things Of The Week

From Dusk Till Dawn, Game of Hearthstones, Constantine and Real Wolverine Claws!

By Glitch Staff  @GlitchAU

Check out the Glitch Team's favourite things from around the web this week! Let us know what your favourite piece of internet was in the comments!

George R. R. Martin Still Uses A DOS Word Processor
No Stark's were harmed during this interview.

Tyrion's Speech (Alternate Ending)
Many lols were had in the office after watching this.

Godzilla Through the Years

The Ever Increasing Size of Godzilla: Implications for Sexual Selection and Urine Production

DIY Wolverine Fully Automatic Claws
Shut up and take my money!!!

Constantine Trailer
NBC has released a pretty kickass trailer for their new series Constantine, based on the awesome DC comic 'Hellblazer'.

First Look at the new Batman Suit and Batmobile
In case you haven't seen this image in your Facebook feed yet, hahahaha!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" (1990)
So this was a thing, apparently.

The Akira Project - Live Action Trailer
Slick fan-made trailer. Can this just happen already!?

The Most Boring Ad Ever Made
Leica has made possibly the most boring advertisement ever... a 45 minute video of their camera body being polished. I totally watched the entire thing :\

From Dusk Till Dawn The Dance Off

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Dance Off
Miramax has put together a side by side video of Santanico Pandemonium's dance of from 'From Dusk Till Dawn' the movie and the new television series on the El Ray Network. Check it out, let us know which you prefer.

Game of Thrones Hearthstone

Game of Hearthstones
Game of Thrones characters as Hearthstone playing cards. Genius! Click the link to check out the full gallery.


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