Trailer Roundup:
May Week 1

Catch up on the latest in movie trailers.

Trailer Roundup: May Week 1

Catch up on the latest in movie trailers.

By Terry King  @terryking_

Godzilla: Trailer 2

The first trailer for the Godzilla reboot was a massive tease, hinting at but never showing the titular monsters form.  I enjoyed the approach and am glad to see Legendary Pictures giving us only quick flashes of Godzilla in what I assume will be the last trailer before release.  This was actually released last week as the Japanese trailer, but now we have it sans subtitles. 

Initial Thoughts: I'm cautiously optimistic for this spin on the classic movie monster, one thing is for certain though, it can't be as bad as the 1998 version... *shudder*.

They Came Together 

They Came Together is a romantic comedy... I think, starring Paul Rudd and Amy Pohler. It is one of the weirdest things I've seen in a while.  I haven't seen writer/director David Wain's Wanderlust or even heard of Wet Hot American Summer, so this just might a stylistic thing, but I have a feeling his brand of comedy is a pretty polarising style . 

Initial Thoughts: I'll admit it, I laughed at a few of the jokes.  But this trailer feels like a one off parody trailer, not a full length feature film.  So I think it'll be interesting to see what initial reactions will be like, because I think it looks damn weird.


There seems to be at least one or two horror films that break away from the pack each year and really grab audiences, early buzz and a solid trailer indicate Lionsgate could have a tidy performer here with Jessabelle.  I'm happy to see Sarah Snook here (soon to be seen in a very memorable role in the Spierig brothers mind-bender, Predestination) as the lead and I'm digging the southern hoodoo vibe.     

Initial Thoughts: It certainly looks like the pick of the PG-13 horror bunch for the year, I'm just hoping that director Kevin Greutert (SAW VI & VII) brings more to this than he did to the SAW franchise.  On the fence until I hear a bit more about this one.

Trust Me

Everyone's favourite murdered SHIELD agent, Clark Gregg, takes the role of lead actor, writer and director for Trust Me.  Gregg plays a former child star turned struggling agent for child actors, who discovers an unsigned, talented 13 year old girl who might make it big.

Initial Thoughts: I'm Clark Gregg fan, he has an every man affable charm that I find quite disarming.  I'd probably give him my bank details if he asked for them.  This looks like a really pleasant, albeit light dramedy. Oh, and Sam Rockwell.  I think it'll be worth checking out.  


I wasn't sure if I was going to add Lullaby to the list this week, it appears to be a fairly simple by-the-numbers family cancer "Where were you when we needed you?" type of scenario.  But it does have Garret Hedlund as the lead, who I haven't seen in anything since 2010's TRON: Legacy.  Also, the appearance of Amy Adams could potentially validate the material too, and of course Richard Jenkins... Jenkins is boss. 

Initial Thoughts: The trailer does have some moving moments in there, but it has more than it's fair share of clich├ęs clumsily mixed in for good measure too.  I'm hoping with the cast attached and just general positive energy I'm sending out into the universe that the cringey type snippets in here have just lost the context from their scenes in the final film.  Also, Richard Jenkins is a boss. 

Leave a comment, let me know your opinions on these or any other trailers you've seen this week.



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