Supanova Gold Coast 2014

Supanova Gold Coast 2014

By Terry King  @terryking_

Supanova has certainly come a long way since its humble beginnings back at the Sydney Showgrounds in 2002. When we arrived there was a low ‘whoa’ from everyone in the car. Thousands of people were crawling over the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre like an anthill, the streets were gridlocked as hastily made ‘Parking Full’ signs sat out on the sidewalks. No-one among the attending Glitch team had been to a Supanova Expo for a few years; the event has certainly come into its own.

After parking about a kilometre away, we trekked into the GCEC, grabbed our passes and got the lay of the land. It’s pretty clear that the aspiration for Supanova is to one day make it a mini Comic-Con, but that drive seems to be in equal parts from the organisers and the fans. It’s a colourful atmosphere dominated by cosplayers, hardcore vets to enthusiasts either having fun or getting involved for the first time with aspirations to come back and do it better next year.

There was plenty of events on with live League of Legend arena matches, guest speakers and celebrity signings. But the cosplay was where we saw the most excitement from players and fans.

So we stopped a few people for a chat about the why and how of cosplaying at Supanova.


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