Micheal Keaton returning as the ghost with the most?

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

Micheal Keaton returning as the ghost with the most?

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

By Rod ONeill  @rodoneill

During a 'RoboCop' press junket interview with MTV, Michael Keaton said he had spoken to Tim Burton about a possible Beetlejuice sequel.

I've e-mailed Tim a couple of times, talked to the writer a couple of times, but all really, really preliminary stuff. I always said that's the one thing I'd like to do again, if I ever did anything again. But it kind of required Tim to be involved some way or another.

Writer Seth Grahame-Smith has been working on the script since at least 2012, while Tim Burton is currently in post-production on 'Big Eyes' but doesn't have anything scheduled past 2014.

Now it looks like he is involved, and without giving too much away we've talked to each other, and e-mailed each other, and if he's in, it's going to be hard not to be in.

So will Tim Burton return to his classic and possibly direct? Are you excited for this or dreading it? Let us know what you think.

'RoboCop' is in cinemas now, watch our review here.




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